Friday, March 26, 2010

ICC First Looks

The last few days I have gotten included in a guild 10-man raid to ICC.  On Wednesday night we set out to take care of the first wing, up to and including Saurfang.  Speaking for myself, I had never been to ICC before other than some rep runs, and one horribly failed attack on Marrowgar.  The stars must have been aligned as we could do no wrong that night, at least after we got started, we had trouble finding our second tank, but after we found one things went well.  We never wiped through the whole run, sure we had a death here and there, and the ship battle we just squeaked it out (we had like 5% to go on our own ship.)  Every battle was done just as it should, no one stood in any fires, Blood Beasts were dropped with the quickness.  All in all it reminded me why I still enjoy this game, even after playing it since release.  It does help to have a solid guild so that I can actually see the end game raids, and even more so that the guildies are very competent, so that said raids go smoothly. 

I came away from the run with both the Bracers of Dark Blessings and the Icecrown Spire Sandals.  So I can't complain too much, got another 100 SP after the gems and enchants were all done with the new gear, so that is not a bad jump.  I will keep everyone posted on the raiding, as well as do some guide write up after I know more.

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