Monday, March 15, 2010

Dungeon and Dragons 4Ed and the New Dragon Age Pen and Paper RPG

After changing our weekly tabletop rp group time to a random weekend day, so we can play for longer at a time and make it easier to get together, we had our first extended session yesterday.  I also recently swapped my Changeling paladin of the Raven Queen to my half-elf storm sorcerer, and needless to say this went much better.  I missed throwing thunder and lightning at people as opposed to dealing with swords and shields and needing to be all close to baddies and all.  So yeah, good times had by all.  We saved a haunted town, killed the bad guys which had taken it over, and exorcised the lands, so now our group of adventures have their own staging point that is known by the locals to be haunted, so we really don't have to worry about people being all up in our business.

On a related note, I made a character for the new Dragon Age tabletop, and it was pretty easy.  It uses the same classes and all as the video game, but with a little bit different math to adapt to the dice system (a 3d6 system, by the by) better.  Haven't actually played it yet, so I can't say how it feels yet, but looking at the character sheet and knowing a bit about probability seems like it should be a nice and cinematic game.  Oh, and if there was any doubt, I rolled an elven apostate mage that recently left the alienage to try to find/learn from the Dalish elves which may or may not exist in the area, so hell yeah, explosions and goodness.


  1. I am also interested in rolling a Dragon Age character. I am glad we all like to play the classes that make us smile the most. You like blowing things up with fire and I enjoy making something fall apart with a swing of very sharp metal object

  2. It's prolly way too early to discern trends, but until we get into a dungeon/linked set of encounters, blowing dailies on Ryan's 1-2 fights/day seem to be the way to go. Only using my consecration one felt gimpy compared to the shit you and the brick were pulling off. I have to remember now my DPS/effectiveness meter will be damage + heals. We still need to plan an April session btw, so get on Jim if we don't see him tonight.

  3. P.S. I'm glad you're enjoying the "Zapper" better